Rin-ne Volume 20 is the twentieth volume of Rin-ne.


A Shinigami high school trip goes awry when Rinne and Sakura pretend to be dating! Will a homemade lunch repair their friendship?



Chapter # Title
189 "Cleaning the Whole Wheel of Reincarnation" (輪廻の輪一斎清掃 "Rinne no wa Issei Seisou")
Once every few years, the Wheel of Reincarnation is to receive a scrubbing from the shinigamis and black cats, but it’s hardly getting any cleaner this time as Damashigamis burst in.
190 "The Store That No Customers Visit" (客が来ない店 "Kyaku ga Konai Mise")
A sweet store is having business trouble because of the ghost of a dog chasing customers away, and it won’t be an easy exorcism for Rinne as the mutt doesn’t respect anyone but his master.
191 "Bring My Girlfriend" (彼女の連れて "Kanojo no Tsurete")
Rinne grows tired of Matsugo, who invites him to a Shinigami high school mixer, so Rokumon gets the idea of convincing Matsugo to stop being so clingy by having Sakura come posing as Rinne’s girlfriend. But Matsugo won’t let go so easily, which is disagreeable to his amorous yet shy classmate named Anju.
192 "Just Money" (金なんだ "Kane nan da")
Rinne has taken interest in the orienteering to collect free protective amulets, and so forgotten his original objective concerning Matsugo, which leads to some negative impacts, including on Sakura’s heart.
193 "Is it True?" (惜しいのか "Oshiinoka")
While Matsugo keeps making “deepening friendship” plans with Rinne, Sakura and Anju stumble upon some examinee spirits in a lake. Anju was confident she could handle the matter, but Rinne may have to make a sacrifice.
194 "Sakura's Mood" (桜の機嫌 "Sakura no Kigen")
While Rinne has one last chance for a free protective amulet, he is also worried about Sakura feeling upset, which gets worse because of spirit path fireworks.
195 "We're not Dating" (つきあってません "Tsukiattemasen")
Rinne eventually finds Sakura’s backpack containing the food she prepared for him, and must convince her that he does care about her as much as she does.
196 "The Legendary Sacred Ashes" (伝説の聖灰 "Densetsu no Seihai")
Tsubasa attempts to make legendary sacred ashes, which require ingredients from Shinigamis. But there's a reason why the book of ashes doesn't have a part where these ashes were used...
197 "From Inside the Walls" (壁の中から。。。 "Kabe no naka kara...")
The ghost of a sumo wrestler is stuck within a wall of Miho’s bedroom at her house, and Rinne has to fight him in a match to unstuck him.
198 "A Cherry Tomato Buffet!" (プチトマト食べ放題 "Puchi Tomato Tabehoudai")
Tamako tasks Rinne with a cherry tomato plant but he fails to take care of it properly, causing its tomatoes to grow huge and eat any food with tomato.

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  • The back of the english version of the manga mistakenly says: "-end up hating each other instead!"

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