Volume 21
Author Rumiko Takahashi
Publication date May 16, 2014 (Japanese)

July 12, 2016 (English)

Published by Shogakukan (Japanese)

Viz Media (English)

ISBN ISBN 978-4-0912-4630-1 (Japanese)

ISBN 978-1-421-58382-2 (English)

Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 19
Followed by
Volume 22
 Rin-ne Volume 21 is the twenty-first volume of Rin-ne.


The sun is shining and the spirits are out! Rinne, Sakura and friends keep busy over summer. Once school's back in session, a mysterious new teacher finds Rinne's otherworldly knowledge very helpful...


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Chapter # Title
199 "Something in the Tunnel" (トンネルの中で何か "Ton'neru no naka de nanika")
200 "The Evil Spirit of the Guest House" (ゲストハウスの悪霊 "Gesutohausu no akuryō")
201 "Bug Spirit Hunting" (バグスピリットハンティング "Bagu Supiritto Hantingu")
202 "Eggplant Romance" (茄子ロマンス "Nasu romansu")
203 "Red Soumen" (レッドそうめん "Reddo sō men")
204 "The Madam of the Shopping Mall" (ショッピングモールのマダム "Shoppingumōru no madamu")
205 "A Witch's Descendants" (魔女の子孫 "Majo no shison")
206 "The First Ordeal" (まず試練 "Mazu shiren")
207 "Mystery of the Flower Bed" (花壇の謎 "Kadan no nazo")
208 "The Chasing Sound" (追っかけサウンド "Okkake saundo")

Anime Episodes

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