Rin-ne Volume 21 is the twenty-first volume of Rin-ne.


The sun is shining and the spirits are out! Rinne, Sakura and friends keep busy over summer. Once school's back in session, a mysterious new teacher finds Rinne's otherworldly knowledge very helpful...



Chapter # Title
199 "Something in the Tunnel" (トンネルに何かいる "Tonneru ni nakika iru")
At the seaside, Sakura and her friends learn of a tunnel on an old road leading to the sea, that is haunted by a fishy spirit.
200 "The Evil Spirit of the Guest House" (別荘の悪霊 "Bessou no akuryou")
The Shinigami Youth Squad was tasked to investigate an abandoned seaside villa, and Rinne must quickly resolve the matter surrounding the villa’s central pillar, since Matsugo and Ageha have their own plans with him.
201 "Bug Spirit Hunting" (忠魂採集 "Chuukon saishuu")
Summer vacation continues, and Shoma hires Rinne to help him catch a legendary bug spirit worth 10000 points, which Kurosu also aims for due to its worth in yen.
202 "Eggplant Romance" (ナスロマン "Nasu roman")
On the last day of the Obon festival, an elder spirit must ride on an eggplant cow to go to the otherworld. But she would not, as she has a fear of eggplants despite having been fond of them when she was alive.
203 "Red Soumen" (赤いソメン "Akai somen")
Ayame returns, visiting Tsubasa at his house although Rinne and Sakura are present as well, with a troubling ghost who can hardly deal with her regret involving Nagashi Soumen.
204 "The Madam of the Shopping Mall" (ショッピングモールの姉 "Shoppingu mooru no Ane")
Sakura and her friends meet a fortune-teller at a mall, and Rinne realizes the crystal ball she possesses is a lost Shinigami tool. Retrieving it however won’t be easy.
205 "A Witch's Descendants" (魔女の末裔 "Majo no matsuei")
The fortune-teller named Hitomi Annette Anematsuri has become Class 1-4’s new homeroom teacher. Rinne, Sakura and Tsubasa learn of her past and how the crystal ball will always remain in her hands.
206 "The First Ordeal" (初めての試練 "Hajimete no shiren")
Annette has become beloved at the school thanks to her crystal ball. When a fellow classmate troubled by a spirit that seems hell-bent on ruining her dating life asks her help, she recruits Rinne to aid her, but Rinne won’t work for free.
207 "Mystery of the Flower Bed" (花畑の謎 "Hanabatake no nazo")
The flower garden of the banks of the Sanzu River has been mysteriously wilting, so the Shinigami Youth Squad was dispatched to investigate the cause and find Kain who has gone missing there.
208 "The Chasing Sound" (音が追ってくる "Oto ga ottekuru")
Rinne helps a student who is being chased by a scarecrow. Just why won't it say what it wants from her?

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