Rin-ne Volume 22 is the volume of Rin-ne.


Has a vending machine ever taken your money? Maybe it was haunted! Rinne’s got to solve the mystery of the school’s dysfunctional drinks machine soon, because everyone is blaming him for their missing coins!



Chapter # Title
209 "The Ominous Prophecy" (いまわしき予言 "Imawashiki yogen")
Sabato tasks Renge to steal the scrying orb. Yet, Annette shows her a shocking glimpse of the future. Has her unrequited love found out her secret and is going to arrest her?
210 "Tragic Conclusion" (悲劇的結末 "Higekiteki ketsumatsu")
While Sabato and Kain try to get the scrying orb, Renge tries to change her foretold future which seems unavoidable but not circumstantial enough.
211 "Silver Scythe" (銀色のカマ "Gin iro no kama")
Refuto and Raito bring a silver scythe forged by their predecessor for Rinne to try out. The more it is used, the more the silver peels off, which reminds Rinne of the scratch-off lottery ticket like scythes which were made for work encouragement. Will Rinne or the twin rabbits hit a jackpot?
212 "The Unusual Event at the Children's Home" (児童館の異変 "Jidoukan no ihen")
A Judo club member suffers a wrong rumor of having been cursed with kids handprints over his body for bullying children. But as Rinne comes to investigate, it is revealed those marks actually have to do with leaves from a maple tree.
213 "The Suspect - Rinne" (疑われたりんね "Utagawareta Rinne")
The school’s vending machine has been acting strange: even if money is inserted, the goods won’t come out and the inserted money disappear. And Rinne is accused of being the culprit.
214 "The Dark Cube" (四角くて黒いやつ "Shikaku kute kuroi yatsu")
In order to clear his name to earn back everyone's trust, Rinne chases a weird black cube that seems to be responsible for the theft of the vending machine's money, and must resist against Tsubasa and Renge who still assert his guilt.
215 "Nothing Inside" (中身がない "Nakami ga nai")
After a school festival ended, all the meat inside every meat bun get eaten by a giant meat bun, much to Rinne’s anger. Yet, it turns out that giant meat bun is not a spirit.
216 "Succubi Capture Training" (夢魔捕縛実習 "Muma hobaku jisshuu")
Rinne can’t stop having nightmares in which Sakura approaches him but then gets replaced by Matsugo. It is revealed to be the work of an Incubus which was released as part of a training for students of the Elite Shinigami High School.
217 "Dreamlike World" (夢のような世界 "Yume no you na sekai")
In order to not get troubled by the Incubus anymore, Rinne has no choice but to catch it by living in a nightmare with Matsugo again, but his hunt for the Incubus becomes complicated as others conjure their own dreams.
218 "Santa's Grudge" (サンタの恨み "Santa no urami")
Annette is haunted by a spirit of Santa Clause and asks Rinne for help. Just which Santa has a grudge on her and why?

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