Volume 22
Author Rumiko Takahashi
Publication date August 18, 2014 (Japanese)

November 8, 2016 (English)

Published by Shogakukan (Japanese)

Viz Media (English)

ISBN ISBN 978-4-0912-5077-3 (Japanese)

ISBN 978-1-421-58383-9 (English)

Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 21
Followed by
Volume 23

 Rin-ne Volume 22 is the twenty-second volume of Rin-ne.


Has a vending machine ever taken your money? Maybe it was haunted! Rinne’s got to solve the mystery of the school’s dysfunctional drinks machine soon, because everyone is blaming him for their missing coins!


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Chapter # Title
209 "The Ominous Prophecy" (不吉予言 "Fukitsu Yogen")
210 "Tragic Conclusion" (悲劇的な結論 "Higekiteki na Ketsuron")
211 "Silver Scythe" (銀色のカマ "Gin iro no kama")
212 "The Unusual Event at the Children's Home" (児童館の異変 "Jidoukan no ihen")
213 "The Suspect - Rinne" (疑われたりんね "Utagawareta Rinne")
214 "The Dark Cube" (四角くて黒いやつ "Shikaku kute kuroi yatsu")
215 "Nothing Inside" (中身がない "Nakami ga nai")
216 "Succubi Capture Training" (夢魔捕縛実習 "Muma hobaku jisshuu")
217 "Dreamlike World" (夢のような世界 "Yume no you na sekai")
218 "Santa's Grudge" (サンタの恨み "Santa no urami")

Anime Episodes

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