Rin-ne Volume 23 is the twenty-third volume of Rin-ne.


It’s almost the New Year, but Rinne doesn’t even have the cash for a decent meal. Is a haunted shopping mall his ticket to New Year’s treats? Later, Rinne finally catches a lucky break when he scores a weekend at a luxury hot springs inn. Unfortunately, his fellow guests are up to some serious monkey business!



Chapter # Title
219 "Search Well" (よくさがせ "Yokusagase")
It’s winter break, and a huge face of a game wanders around the shopping district. As Rinne is short on funds, he makes it visible in order to be paid hourly, meaning he won’t solve its matter quickly.
220 "Good-Fortune Pot" (開運の壺 "Kaiun no tsubo")
Sabato asks Annette to find a missing good-fortune pot where he had hidden money through her crystal ball, which reveals Rinne will be the one to get his hands on. Will the Damashigami’s new fake product eventually bring good fortune to Rinne?
221 "Hated" (嫌われました "Kirawaremashita")
Kuroboshi III tells Rinne and Sakura that Tamako has been giving him the cold shoulder, after he broke many things in her storehouse by panicking of the presence of ghosts, although she claims not to be angry.
222 "Newspaper Delivery" (新聞が届く "Shinbun ga todoku")
Rinne is requested by a student who’s being disturbed by many newspapers of the same date. It is the work of the spirit of a very old relative who wants the boy to read something.
223 "Mindless Mask" (脳無しの面 "Nou nashi no men")
Sakura is being attacked by a spirit wearing an ogre mask, which is none other than Ayame’s living spirit, having merged with a spirit of gratitude that Ayame accidently released while doing preparations for Setsubun. Rinne is left to deal with that matter, since Tsubasa wouldn’t be alone with Ayame.
224 "The Secret Hot Spring Inn" (秘湯の宿 "Hitou no yado")
Tamako requests Rinne to deal with two spirits at a remote inn, and he ends up venturing out there with many companions. They must first get rid of some pesky simians.
225 "Enjoy!" (楽しめ! "Tanoshime!")
All it takes to make the owners of the pension pass on is to smile, but the place has become so wrecked that it will be hard for anyone to show a happy face.
226 "Porch Bait" (縁側のエサ "Engawa no esa")
Rokumon has not been sharing any food with Rinne, claiming he has no appetite. It was first believed he had been holding back for his master, but Sakura discovers he found an opportunity to eat cat food thanks to the spirit of a cat, though he didn’t question that cat's lingering regret.
227 "Where's My Bank Deposit?!" (振込はまだか! "Furikomi wa madaka!")
The spirit of a goat runs wild at the Mortal Census Bureau, eating the documents for requested refunds handed by Shinigamis, and it proves to be a tough spirit to capture.
228 "Springtime Evil Spirit Capturing" (春の悪霊捕獲 "Haru no akuryou hokaku")
Once again, the twin rabbits added another feature to Rinne’s scythe while mending it, which unleashes an unbearable pollen that hinders his hunt for evil spirits.

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