Rin-ne Volume 24 is the twenty-fourth volume of Rin-ne.


Rinne and Sakura’s homeroom teacher starts receiving some very strange messages from her fortune-telling Peeking Ball. Can Rinne help set things right? Then, when a Shinigami-scythe attaches itself to Sakura, she must exorcise seven souls to get rid of it—which is harder than it sounds!



Chapter # Title
229 "The Cursed Crystal Ball" (呪われたのぞき玉 "Norowareta nozoki dama")
Masato tries another silly prank on Rinne, which leads him to bump into Annette and discover her Scrying Orb.
230 "The Key to Solving the Curse" (呪いを解く鍵 "Noroi wo toku kagi")
With her Scrying Orb cursed by Masato, Annette along with Rinne and Sakura must go through an ordeal at her house to have the curse removed, and of course deal with the demon.
231 "A Little Box of White Magic" (白魔法の小箱 "Shiromahou no kobako")
The fight between the witch and the demon continues in Annette's house, as Masato summons a creature from hell.
232 "Placeholder 1993" (場所取り1993 "Basho tori 1993")
The flower viewing season came, yet there’s a spot where no one can feast under the cherry tree, for Sakura sees a black shadow whirling around it. Will anyone get to enjoy flower viewing?
233 "Rainbow Colored Bamboo Shoot" (虹色のタケノコ "Nijiiro no takenoko")
The Shinigami Youth Squad is tasked to find a rainbow colored wish-granting bamboo shoot in a forest. Rinne at first was aiming only for ordinary bamboo shoots, but he may change his mind as others aim for it due to its worth.
234 "Oihagizuki" (追萩月 "Oihagizuki")
While a Black Fox spirit is on the loose, Sakura accidently becomes the owner of a special scythe named Oihagizuki as it was stolen by Sabato from Tamako's House.
235 "Exorcism Special Training Boxed Lunch" (浄霊特訓弁当つき "Jyourei tokkun tsuki")
Rinne coaches Sakura at a haunted area so she can let go of Oihagizuki, but not only the Black Fox but Sabato are around.
236 "Sakura vs The Black Fox" (桜VS黒ギツネ "Sakura vs kuro gitsune")
With Sabato possessed by the Black Fox and carrying Rinne and Renge's scythes, Sakura with Oihagizuki is the only hope.
237 "The Legend of the Locker" (ロッカー伝説 "Rokaa densetsu")
Rinne is requested by the manager of the soccer club, to help a soccer player who wouldn’t wash his uniform. It may be connected to the locker he’s using.
238 "Spirit Elevator" (心霊エレベーター "Shinrei erebeetaa")
Because of a circulated rumor, Sakura and her friends visit a building, which in spite of having eight floors, has a 9th floor button. Although the rumor was false, Sakura witnessed a ghost before reaching the roof, and tells Rinne who comes to investigate.

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