Rin-ne Volume 25 is the twenty-fifth volume of Rin-ne.


Sabato Rokudo—Rinne’s deadbeat dad—is the president of the evil Damashigami Company. In a shocking turn of events, it’s revealed that he’s got a Shinigami Gold License! How can sneaky Sabato be the recipient of the shinigami world’s highest honor? Rinne and Sakura get to work solving another ghostly mystery!



Chapter # Title
239 "The Ghost of the June Bride" (ジューンブライドの幽霊 "Jyuun buraido no yuurei")
A ghost wearing a wedding dress that appears every year during the rainy season leads Rinne and Sakura to investigate at a coffee shop that was once a wedding hall.
240 "The Vanished Weather Hutch!?" (百葉箱消失!? "Hyakyoubako shoushitsu!?")
Rinne and Sakura find the spirit of a former student and light music band member from long ago, whose story involves the abandoned club building and the instrument shelter.
241 "The Bible of Legend" (伝説の聖書 "Densetsu no seisho")
Strange things have been happening in Tsubasa’s house ever since he received his role model’s “legendary bible” from his father. But it’s not the work of ghosts.
242 "Gold License" (ゴールドライセンス "Goorudo raisensu")
Fake Gold Licenses have been passed around, causing the Mortal Census Bureau to check licenses to not get swindled. As Rinne, Kain and Ageha discover the Damashigami Company is responsible for that counterfeit, they discover something shocking.
243 "Justifiable Means" (正当な手段 "Seitou na shudan")
Though it’s hard to believe, Sabato did get his license up to gold. But not in the most usual way.
244 "Serious Battle" (本気の闘い "Honki no tatakai")
At Tamako’s suggestion, Rinne challenges his father to earn his gold license. Unfortunately…
245 "Black Report Card" (黒い通知表 "Kuroi tsuuchihiyou")
Annette invites Rinne to find the report cards of the first semester gone missing and deal with fairies having become angry, both due to her irresponsibility.
246 "The Expectant Ghost" (人待ち幽霊 "Hito machi yuurei")
Ayame was requested to deal with a ghost lingering in a hanging scroll at an inn, but she ends up having to rely on Tsubasa who’s not helpful at all.
247 "Inflatable Ghost Raft" (幽霊ゴムボート "Yuurei gomu booto")
Rinne was requested to deal with a female ghost appearing annually at the beach in an inflatable raft. She died in a failed attempt to meet a lifeguard who had a suntan, and she still hopes to meet one.
248 "The Mysterious Fireworks" (謎の花火 "Nazo no hanabi")
Rinne and Sakura investigate a fireworks festival where odd messages have been appearing in the sky for the last three years. It is revealed to be the work of a ghost who attempts to do something to couples.

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