Rin-ne Volume 26 is the twenty-sixth volume of Rin-ne.


The haunted hijinks continue as spooky summer days turn to fall. Masato, everyone's favorite demon, accidentally wins the favor of an angel and ends up with wings and a knack for good deeds--no matter how hard he tries to be bad! Can Rinne revert him to his normal self?



Chapter # Title
249 "Ferocious Campsite" (キャンプ場荒し "Kyanpu jiyou arashi")
A strange clay doll has been causing damages at a campground. As Rinne investigates, it is revealed this doll was made by Shoma.
250 "One Hundred Ghost Stories" (百物語 "Hyakumonogatari")
As a traditional gathering of ghost stories takes place, ghosts are gathering at a temple to become satisfied and pass on by relating their shocking experiences. Although their stories are not scary and their shocks were absurd.
251 "Eyeball Stalker" (目玉スターカー "Medama sutookaa")
Gigantic eyes are hovering over a female student, who suspects her ex-boyfriend is stalking her, although Rinne states he just has a link to those eyes.
252 "The Blessed Feather" (祝福の羽 "Shukufuku no hane")
Just as Rinne could earn profit by vanquishing Masato, it happens that the devil has been bestowed angel wings. Although he’d be happy to recover his devil wings, he’d also be happy not to bring benefit to Rinne.
253 "The Ring and the Seal" (指輪と印鑑 "Yubiwa to inkan")
Ageha hopes to save her sister, who informed her that her boss is going to propose her, or so she thought…
254 "The Shinigami Murderer" (死神殺し "Shinigami goroshi")
A Shinigami scythe destroyer is on rampage, and just as Renge and Rinne find the perpetrator, it becomes obvious that the twin rabbits put up another scheme to drum up business.
255 "The Rude Casualty" (粗忽の死者 "Sokotsu no shisha")
Rinne and Sakura investigate the case of a living spirit of a girl, which has been continuously appearing at a cleaner for ten days with a strong desire to have a dress cleaned.
256 "The First Mackerel Festival" (第一回サンマ祭り "Dai ikkai sanma matsuri")
Mackerel pike is popular during Autumn even in the Shinigami World. And the Mortal Census Bureau gets the Shinigami Youth Squad to appease a giant mackerel spirit by having the huge fish grilled properly.
257 "Special Guardian Sacred Bird" (特別保護霊鳥 "Tokubetsu hogo reichou")
Shoma hires Rinne to watch over a legendary crow who proceeds to eat any food he encounters. Will Rinne earn any money from the hungry crow?
258 "Neck Man" (首男 "Kubi otoko")
Annette informs Rinne she’s being stalked by a disembodied head. Yet, on top of not being a spirit, the man is actually in trouble because of Annette.

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