Rin-ne Volume 27 is the twenty-seventh volume of Rin-ne.


The elite Shinigami School is holding its traditional haunted house. There’s only one rule for going through the eerie attraction: never look back. What is the terrible consequence of breaking the haunted house’s rule?



Chapter # Title
259 "The Hades Promise" (冥界の約束 "Meikai no yakusoku")
Matsugo invites Rinne to his school's festival in the afterlife, and oddly enough allows him to bring friends along. But as he introduces them to an attraction, his plan turns out to be trying to ruin the shinigami's relationship with Sakura so he can claim him for himself.
260 "Don't Turn Around" (振り向いてはいけない "Furi muite haikenai")
Rinne keeps walking in front of Sakura through the traditional haunted house, where the rules are terrifying. Although the attraction is not scary to Sakura, it is to Rinne.
261 "Casette Tape Scream" (カセットテープの悲鳴 "Kasettoto teepu no himei")
The spirit of an old student of Sankai High lingers in the broadcasting club ever since an old cassette tape was found. As Rinne and Sakura track the girl he hoped to give something to, they are up for a big surprise.
262 "The Cold Room" (寒い部屋 "Samui heya")
Rinne is requested by a student to investigate a freezing room, which is the work of the ghost of his grandfather who always liked to keep that room cold. Just what is his motive?
263 "To Crunch" (噛み砕く "Kamikudaku")
Tsubasa received a wild nutcracker doll to deal with from his father, which its desire to crunch something is so strong it can crack anything even Rinne’s scythe.
264 "Decoration" (デコレーション "Decoreeshon")
It’s Christmas, and a ghost wearing a reindeer costume is stealing cake decorations at a patisserie, which is upsetting to Rinne who tries nevertheless with Sakura to figure his motive.
265 "Until the Bell Tolls" (鐘を撞くまで "Kane wo tsukumade")
Rinne was requested to watch over the spirit of a bell ringer until he can ring the bell for New Year’s Eve to pass on, but the ghost falls victim of Masato who came to break in on Rinne’s business.
266 "The Evil Spirit's Legacy" (悪霊の遺産 "Akuryou no isan")
A dark shadow haunts a ramen restaurant, and Renge, who works there as a part-time waitress, seeks Rinne’s help, for a large sum of money could have been secreted somewhere.
267 "Mystery Hints" (怪異のヒント "Kaii no hinto")
The manager of the boxing club asks Annette to find out what’s happening to her boyfriend, but even her scrying orb can’t help, so she enlists Rinne’s help. Where does that intense feeling of anger which makes the boxer grow a weird beard come from?
268 "Rumors" (噂 "Uwasa")
Rumors spread about a ghost searching for money at the school’s storage room, and for some reason Rokumon doesn’t want his master to look into it.

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  • The back of the english version of the manga mistakenly says "But Rinne likes to do things his own way.".

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