Rin-ne Volume 28 is the twenty-eighth volume of Rin-ne.


Unable to afford a school uniform, Rinne always wears the same tracksuit to school. One day, as Rinne’s checking for work exorcising paranormal spirits, a uniform appears! Having always dreamed of a school uniform of his own, Rinne slips his arms through the sleeves…and what happens next just goes to show that nothing is easy for poor Rinne!



Chapter # Title
269 "The Vicious Dog Capture Supplementary Lesson" (猛犬捕獲補習 "Mouken hokaku hoshuu")
Ageha messes up while trying to capture a dog spirit with a capturing collar, which leads Sakura to find a dog with a human face wearing that collar.
270 "Snowy Stairs" (雪の階段 "Yuki no kaidan")
Rinne is requested by a student to investigate a ghost who has been ringing at his house since the first night of snow. Much to their dismay, a fee is required to allow the ghost to pass on.
The twin rabbits hire Rinne to help them sell one-handed scythes, which are less than practical against a real evil spirit.
272 "Apologize at the Family Altar" (仏間で謝れ "Butsuma de ayamare")
Sabato has profaned the tomb of his own father by attempting to steal its object. However, he suffered consequences and receives an unexpected visit.
273 "The Curse of the Splurge" (散財の呪い "Sanzai no noroi")
A doughnut shop is having trouble with customers because of weird crawling traces all over the store, which is the work of the spirit of a snake haunting Annette since shortly after she bought a certain purse.
274 "The Ash and the Longing" (灰と憧れ "Hai to akogare")
Much to his classmates' surprise, Rinne delightfully received a high school uniform. However, that joy is short-lived as that uniform is revealed to have been offered by... Masato.
275 "Cinderella Date" (シンデレラデート "Shinderera deeto")
A student hopes to date Renge before having to change schools. Though she refused at first, she eventually took advantage of his generosity for her benefit, although a ghostly presence within the good-hearted student is revealed.
276 "Please Charge It" (チャージしてください "Chaaji shite kudasai")
Using a modified Decoy Doll, Matsugo created a duplicate of Rinne, which takes anyone’s money as it demands to be charged, putting the real Rinne’s reputation in tatters.
277 "The Result of Great Effort" (努力の結果 "Doryoku no kekka")
Sakura is being targeted by the ghost of a female student from the 90s. Although her lingering attachment is easy to figure, what exactly does she have against Sakura?
278 "Spring Marriage Interview" (春のお見合い "Haru no omiai")
Sakura meets the ghost of a pre-school kid, who was promised a backpack by Tsubasa’s father and claims to have been tricked. Why doesn’t the child like the black backpack?

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