Rin-ne Volume 29 is the twenty-ninth volume of Rin-ne.


Rinne and Rokumon see a poster about a lost kitten in the afterlife: it's Kain's black cat Suzu having gone missing for a week. The plot thickens when Rokumon goes after the missing cat and disappears as well! What is the truth behind the missing black cats?



Chapter # Title
279 "Talking Mimi-chan" (お話しミミちゃん "Ohanashi Mimi-chan")
A talking doll that belonged to Ageha goes wild at Rinne’s home, after being left unattended in the closet for too long.
280 "Suzu is Missing" (鈴行方不明 "Suzu yukuefumei")
Kain’s black cat vanished, and Rokumon brings Sakura to an apartment where the carefree cat went with a female ghost who expects a package.
281 "The Black Cat Ritual" (黒猫使役呪法 "Kuno neko shieki juhou")
Sakura tries to convince the female ghost not to carry her terrifying plan using Suzu, although the package containing destructive food ends up arriving.
282 "Mother's Day Present" (母の日のプレゼント "Haha no hi no purezento")
A student believes his mother to be possessed, as he’s been getting curious bug shaped lunches, and their house has been messy every morning. Rinne takes note of the necklace he offered her for mother’s day, which is linked to the strange case.
283 "Mirror Man" (鏡男 "Kagami otoko")
The ghost of a student lingers in the mirror of a store’s dressing room, and the reason why he’s apparently unable to leave is not hard to figure.
284 "The Ideal Smile" (理想の笑顔 "Risou no egao")
Rinne and Tsubasa deal with a female ghost, who won’t accept her selected portrait for her funeral and demands a satisfying picture of herself without having her eyes half-closed.
285 "The Earlier 30,000 Yen" (三万円の先に "Sanmanen no saki ni")
The school bought a new recycled washing machine, which happens to be inhabited by a ghost, whose mutterings prove to be a challenge for Rinne to help him pass on.
286 "Revenge" (ふくしゅう "Fukushuu")
A tiny mummy from Ayame’s shrine came to life and takes on Tsubasa for a certain revenge.
287 "Shinigami Prince" (死神王子 "Shinigami ouji")
Sakura finds the spirit of a girl outside a hospital, who waits for a Shinigami who left her behind to guide her until the end. Alas for Rinne, that Shinigami is... Matsugo.
288 "The Cursed Paper Slip" (呪いの短冊 "Noroi no tanzaku")
Rinne is requested to investigate about a student who has been suffering misfortunes every Tanabata, which is the work of a living spirit who’s connected to his childhood friend.

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