Rin-ne Volume 30 is the thirtieth volume of Rin-ne.




Chapter # Title
289 "The Goddess of Wisdom" (知恵の女神 "Chie no megami")
Tsubasa hoped to spend a sweet time alone with Sakura at his home, but he did not expect her to bring her two scaredy friends who open a jar that contained a ghost sent by his father. And surprisingly, instead of running away like usual, they pursuit the ghost since she has the name of the “Goddess of Wisdom”.
290 "The Bell of Love" (愛の鐘 "Ai no kane")
Installed at the top of a tower overlooking the sea is a bell of love, which supposedly unites a couple forever when they ring it together. Yet, a ghost is haunting that place, not letting any couples ring that bell and trying to ring that bell himself a certain number of times.
291 "Short Cut" (ショートカット "Shooto katto")
A water land is overflowing with eel spirits and Shinigamis in frightening disguises are driving customers away. It’s all because of an incident that happened in the afterlife, and rectifying it may lead to somewhere that is frightening even to Sakura.
292 "Pigtails Are Disgusting" (おさげむかつく "Osage mukatsuku")
The ghost of a girl has been wandering around an inn and a beach, pulling the hair of any girls with pigtails she’d encounter. Unfortunately, she now fixates on Sakura as the main object of her hatred.
293 "Simulation" (シミュレーション "Shimyureeshon")
By precluding the female ghost from attacking Sakura, her memories gradually recover, which may be essential to help her pass on.
294 "The Girl in the Ice" (氷の中の彼女 "Koori no naka no kanojo")
A food stall opened in town for the summer festival, but nobody can enjoy any shaved ices for a ghost left a chilly aura on the basic block of ice, in hope of “rescuing his beloved” trapped inside.
295 "The Teacher and the Balloon" (先生と風船 "Sensei to fuusen")
Annette was apparently abducted, as a duplicate of herself made out of balloons come to school instead with its real shape invisible to the students, and Rinne receives a warning not to get involved. Nevertheless, Rinne tries to track the operator, whose identity is not really surprising.
296 "Show Me Your Back" (背中を見せろ "Senaka wo misero")
Rinne is requested by the swimming club to help their captain who has the spirit of girl attached to his back, who is very sensitive to sunburn but obsessed with tanning.
297 "Medusa Mask" (メヂューサの仮面 "Medyuusa no kamen")
Masato comes across and purchases a very rare stolen item: the medusa mask, which he plans to use to turn Rinne into stone. Little does he realize that his supplier is Rinne’s father.
298 "Turn to Stone!" (石になれ! "Ishi ni nare!")
The fight between Rinne and Masato wearing the medusa mask continues, and Sabato prolongs their fight to keep swindling them with accessories.

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