Rin-ne Volume 31 is the thirty-first volume of Rin-ne.




Chapter # Title
299 "The Rusted Holy Sword" (錆びた聖剣 "Sabeta seiken")
Tsubasa received a sword from his father, which its name revealed by removing the rust on it, caught the attention of the twin rabbits.
300 "Growing Hair" (髪がのびた "Kami ga nobita")
Sakura brings a head mannequin from a beauty parlor to Rinne to exorcise it, but he pretends to be absent for he got a bad haircut because of Rokumon. However, he still runs the risk of being ashamed, as he unwillingly causes the head to attack Rokumon.
301 "Renge's License" (れんげのライセンス "Renge no raisensu")
As a Damashigami, Renge doesn’t have a Shinigami license, and she’s going to have to forge one, for it’s necessary in order for her unrequited love to reward her for capturing a runaway racoon spirit in the middle of her part-time job.
302 "Number Chase" (ナンバー追跡 "Nanbaa tsuiseki")
Rinne is aware of Renge’s counterfeit, and the Mortal Census Bureau learned a forged license was used. As Rinne follows Kain investigating, he learns it was one of Ageha's numerous licenses that was used as the basis for Renge’s forgery.
303 "I Want to Believe" (信じたい "Shinjitai")
Renge’s fate is at stake as Kain found the license forgery kit in her room and her license must be checked, but Rinne still stands by her side.
304 "I Want the Bouquet" (ブーケが欲しい "Buuke ga hoshii")
The spirit of a wedding attendee has been disrupting bouquet tosses at a wedding hall for months. Just what kind of bouquet does she want and why?
305 "The Witch's Coven" (魔女の集会 "Majo no shuukai")
Annette negotiated with Rinne to have Rokumon pose as her mascot at a witches' coven. The next day, the black cat returns with his torso turned into a pizza, so Rinne must discover how it happened and resist his urge to eat his partner.
306 "Secret Meeting" (集会の秘密 "Shuukai no himitsu")
Although meant to be kept a secret, the events of the witches’ coven get re-enacted in hope of getting Rokumon restored to normal, all the more delirious.
307 "The Red Weather Hutch" (赤い百葉箱 "Akai hyakuyoubako")
For several days, the students didn’t get any problem resolved despite having left offerings and requests, for Rinne hasn’t found any of these in the instrument shelter, prompting him to investigate to regain everyone’s trust.
308 "Have a Hot Water Bottle" (湯たんぽをどうぞ "Yutanpo o douzo")
Rinne receives a hot-water bottle that belonged to a fellow classmate’s grandfather who recently passed away. The spirit of a woman from long ago lingers in it.

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