Rin-ne Volume 32 is the thirty-second volume of Rin-ne.




Chapter # Title
309 "Beautiful Window" (美しい窓 "Utsukushii mado")
Rinne gets a chance to win some money by cleaning windows of ghost handprints, but things go awry after he offered to clean the window of Sakura’s room.
310 "Christmas Exorcism Party" (クリスマス浄霊会 "Kurisumasu jyoureikai")
An exorcism meeting involving gift exchange takes place at Tsubasa’s house, with even Ageha and Renge, to help a ghost pass on. Rather than get pleased, most become upset, as the gifts have to be reshuffled until the ghost gets a satisfying present.
311 "Black Ceremonial Arrow" (黒い破魔矢 "Kuroi hamaya")
When Ayame fell asleep while preparing evil-destroying arrows, Ayame’s spirit wandered out on her own and met upon a familiar dark figure, which caused the arrows to turn black and thus bring trouble to Rinne.
312 "I Want to Bite You" (噛んであげたい "Kandeaketai")
Rinne is requested by a student who’s being haunted by the spirit of a lion dancer, whom he has been afraid of since little. Although that lion dancer never meant and still doesn’t mean any harm.
313 "The Maiden's Scythe" (乙女のカマ "Shoujo no kama")
Rinne discovers a family heirloom in a pawn shop: his mother's scythe, which prompts him to start a discussion about his mother’s whereabouts with his grandmother and father. Meanwhile, Sakura finds a little girl who has the ability to see ghosts.
314 "Looking at Something" (なにかが見ている "Nani ka ga mite iru")
Curiosity is aroused about the little girl named Ichigo, and Sabato is found knocked out at Rinne’s home and the maiden’s scythe is missing.
315 "Otome's Memory" (乙女の記憶 "Otome no kioku")
While hunting an army of evil spirits, it becomes obvious that Rinne hoped to be acknowledged by his mother, and the mystery surrounding Ichigo deepens.
316 "The History of the Disappearance" (失踪のいきさつ "Shissou no ikisatsu")
The reason why Rinne’s mother disappeared and her connection with the little girl come to light.
317 "Lies and Truths" (ウソと真実 "Uso to shinjitsu")
Ichigo reveals the secret she desperately tried to hide, which causes Sabato to get a taste of his own medicine.
318 "White Ghost" (白い霊 "Shiroi rei")
Sakura sees the spirit of a student lingering at the schoolyard, and he has to do with a female student who requested Rinne about a message she’s been receiving every year at the same period, asking her to look down from the school’s rooftop.

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