Rin-ne Volume 33 is the thirty-third volume of Rin-ne.




Chapter # Title
319 "Kokkurisan" (こっくりさん "Kokkurisan")
Ichigo’s elementary school gets haunted by a ghost, when she and her classmates played a game called Kokkuri, prompting her to contact Rinne, although Tsubasa was contacted too by the teacher. Shockingly, the ghost knows Rinne's mother.
320 "The Curse of Calligraphy" (呪いの書 "Noroi no sho")
Anju shows up at Sankai High, revealing Matsugo trapped in a book and only Rinne can help set him free by accepting his friendship, much to Rinne’s dismay.
321 "The Cat Cafe Mystery" (猫カフェの怪 "Neko cafue no kai")
A cat café is haunted by a female ghost who frightens cats, although that ghost is trying to be gentle to cats.
322 "Rare Red" (非凡な赤 "Hibon na aka")
In a closed pastry store lingers the ghost of a chef who serves some unusual cakes.
323 "Slasher Film" (心霊フィルム "Shinrei firumu")
Members of the film study club seek Rinne as well as Tsubasa, to investigate their first film that contains strange ghostly phenomena.
324 "Gold Ghost" (金霊 "Kanedama")
Sakura and Ichigo eat together at a food fair and witness an anthropomorphic Ryo, who stores a lot of money within itself, but it won’t let anyone take its money and will go as far as stealing from those who attack it.
325 "Philosopher's Stone" (賢者の石 "Kenjya no ishi")
Tsubasa received a stone from his father, with a request to check if it is the philosopher’s stone. While trying to transmute gold with it along with Rinne and Annette, the ghost of a Japanese alchemist appears.
326 "Mr. Kabakichi" (カバ吉さん "Kabakichi-san")
Little Ichigo meets Shoma and helps him in an assignment, causing the spoiled Shinigami to experience his first love.
327 "The Two Who Did Not Meet" (会えない二人 "Aenai futari")
Rinne must quickly deal with a ghost at a convenience store to move to another waiting at a monument, for Tsubasa hopes to exorcise that other ghost instantly to then take Sakura on a date.
328 "Whistle and Detergent" (笛と洗剤 "Fue to senzai")
Rinne received a detergent from his grandmother, to be used for his haori which typically must be laundered in the afterlife at a high cost. Masato tries to steal Rinne's most valuable possession when he leaves it out to dry, but a whistle which came as a set proves useful to Rinne.

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