Rin-ne Volume 34 is the thirty-fourth volume of Rin-ne.




Chapter # Title
329 "Ghost Temple Talisman" (幽霊堂のお札 "Yuureidou no osatsu")
Tamako and Kuroboshi set up a ruse to help Kuroboshi III deal with his fear of ghosts, but of course he goes to Rinne for help.
330 "Blurred Memo" (にじんだメモ書 "Nijinda memo")
A portly member of the cooking club has his right hand automatically writing cryptic grocery lists.
331 "Mr. Kusakari" (草刈さん "Kusakari-san")
Rinne entrusted his scythe to the twin rabbits again, and gets it back covered in rust, for the duo could hire a very peculiar businessman who works for no money.
332 "Ageha, Go Home" (鳳,家を出る "Ageha, ie wo deru")
Ageha had a fight with her parents and moved into Rinne’s without asking his consent, just as he was finally starting to pay Sakura back the money he has been borrowing from her.
333 "Spoiled Living" (甘えた生活 "Amaeta seikatsu")
Rinne must clear Sakura’s misunderstanding and deal with Ageha who can hardly live in poverty.
334 "Shortcut Alley" (路地の近道 "Roji no chikamichi")
Students have been getting late for school by passing through a narrow alley which normally is a shortcut, and Rinne and Sakura meet the ghost of an old lady lingering at a house in that alley. Meanwhile, Ichigo receives a visit from her mother-in-law.
335 "The Backdoor in the Garden" (庭の裏口 "Niwa no uraguchi")
While Rinne and Tamako undo the old lady’s mess, Sakura and Ichigo listen to her story to figure her motive.
336 "Curse Words" (呪いの言葉 "Noroi no kotoba")
Two students are hearing unpleasant words in their heads, and Rinne discovers a link between these two.
337 "The Fooling-Around Spot" (浮気の現場 "Uwaki no genba")
A lazy river is haunted by a female ghost who targets girls in company of a boy.
338 "Don't Approach the Deck" (デッキに近づくな "Dekki ni chikadukuna")
Rinne is requested to investigate a beach that has not been visited for years. The cause is revealed to be a ghost haunting a deck.

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