Rin-ne Volume 35 is the thirty-fifth volume of Rin-ne.




Chapter # Title
339 "Sunflower Maze" (ひまわり迷路 "Himawari meiro")
Rinne, Sakura, Tsubasa and Ichigo visit a sunflower field where strange things are happening, which caught the attention of Shoma who gladly accepts Ichigo’s help in finding a spirit.
340 "The Magical Sea Urchin Rice" (魔法のウニライス "Mahou no uni raisu")
A beach which was abundant in sea urchins is oddly losing its prosperity, ever since a girl with a pot showed up under water. It should come as no surprise that Rinne’s neighbor Renge is the one stealing those sea urchins for a Damashigami operation.
341 "The Flour Tragedy" (粉もんの悲劇 "Konamon no higeki")
Tsubasa was asked to investigate at a fair where for years many visiting couples end up arguing there, and makes use of Rinne to find the cause. A sauce loving ghost appears, but his objective is not to cause couples to break up.
342 "The Story of Horataro" (ホラ太郎のお話し "Horatarō no ohanashi")
Summer vacation ended, and a student oddly keeps lying to his girlfriend, ever since she offered him a little keychain as a souvenir from her family trip. As Rinne and Sakura investigate, they discover that keychain houses a great grudge due to his reputation.
343 "Tree of Sin" (罪の木 "Tsumi no ki")
Rinne applied for a part-time job, which consists of purifying a “tree of sin”. As it looked withered, Sakura gave water to it, and strange sightings of her with other men cropped up then.
344 "The Price of Love" (愛の値段 "Ai no nedan")
Rinne discovers the copies of Sakura provide the tree of sin with money and is being accused of making use of Sakura, so he must get explanations and clear his name. And what will happen to all the money?
345 "Inn of Memories" (思い出の宿 "Omoide no yado")
Numerous ghosts are haunting an inn at the countryside, as they leak from a sculptural lion's head at the hot bath ever since the effect of a sealing lock expired. And in order to change the lock, Rinne can only rely on those who put that lock during their honeymoon: his parents.
346 "Friendship Master" (友情マスター "Yūjō masutā")
A student of Yosono High School believes he’s being haunted by the ghost of his friend, although his actions are not quite meant to cause him trouble, as Sakura notices and shows Rinne an unpleasant presence who’s all about friendship.
347 "Lord Ebisu's Way" (恵比寿様風 "Ebisu-sama fuu")
Tsubasa receives a charm strap of the god Ebisu from Ayame, who then asks Rinne to retrieve it, as it can hook someone’s heart and make that person fall in love.
348 "Spirit Summoning" (精霊召喚, "Seirei shoukan")
A Halloween party is held at Sankai High, where everyone except Rinne wear costumes, and Annette performs a summoning and offers to pay Rinne, by helping her get a perfect selfie, to allow her to pass a skill test of the witch board.

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