Rin-ne Volume 36 is the thirty-sixth volume of Rin-ne.




Chapter # Title
349 "The Black Cat Disappearance" (黒猫失踪 "Kuro neko shissou")
One by one, the shinigamis notice their black cats have gone missing. As it is suspected that the black cats have complaints over their masters, a firework is throw, spreading letters advertising a "secret black cat meeting", which its purpose is unknown even to the black cats.
350 "The Mystery of the Black Cat Secret Rally" (黒猫秘密集会の謎 "Kuro neko himitsu shuukai no nazo")
Assuming the meeting to be a protest against the shinigamis, the black cats attack their owners. Meanwhile, Renge's black cat Tama arrives with a box she was entrusted with during the previous meeting.
351 "The History of the Black Cat Secret Rally" (黒猫秘密集会の裏歴史 "Kuro neko himitsu shuukai no urarekishi")
With the purpose of the meeting more or less known, Rokumon fights Rinne to get his scythe in order to open a big can. And the reason why the meeting went from once a year to once every hundred years is revealed.
352 "Hell Fruit" (地獄の果実 "Jigoku no kajitsu")
Once again, Masato tries to torment Rinne with an orange straight from hell, capable of devouring any food rapidly.
353 "Afraid of HOT" (HOTが怖い "HOT ga kowai")
A living spirit is messing with a vending machine at Sankai High, which recently got loaded of hot beverages.
354 "What's Coming Out?" (何が出るかな? "Nani ga deru ka na?")
Refuto and Raito rope Rinne into testing their latest scheme involving fukubukuros (mystery bags), which mainly contain playing cards of sealed ghosts.
355 "In the Tree" (ツリーの中に "Tsurii no naka ni")
It’s Christmas, and Rinne helps a ghost find a present he had inserted in a big Christmas Tree.
356 "Good Luck Omikuji" (幸運のおみくじ "Kooun no omikuji")
During the Japanese New Year, Rinne and Sakura help a ghost at a shrine, who oddly enough hopes to get an o-mikuji of “great misfortune”.
357 "Staying at Home" (家にいるもの "Ie ni irumono")
Rinne received a request from Ichigo's mother. What is that small thing scampering around their house and why exactly is Ichigo wearing a sick mask?
358 "How to Use a Hibachi" (火鉢の使い方 "Hibachi no tsukaikata")
A fellow classmate lets Rinne have a brazier that was used by her grandmother as it seems to be haunted. By burning charcoal in it, the spirit of her grandaunt appears.

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