Rin-ne Volume 37 is the thirty-seventh volume of Rin-ne.




Chapter # Title
359 "It Rained!" (雨降れ! "Amefure!")
Annette is requested by her students to make the marathon cancelled by bringing forth a rainy weather, and it so happens that a ghost who was nicknamed “Rain Boy” is around, although Rinne doesn’t plan to use him like she hopes to.
360 "The Lightly Used Bill" (薄汚れた札 "Usu kegareta satsu")
Rinne happily receives a ten thousand yen bill which, on top of always returning to the one who gave it to him, can hardly be used.
361 "Special Chocolate" (スペシャルなチョコ "Supesyaru na choko")
As Valentine's Day approaches, Sakura and Rinne help a female ghost remake a big chocolate heart, although her recipes involved revenge.
362 "The Stolen Puzzle Box" (盗まれたからくり箱 "Nusumareta karakuri bako")
Kain volunteered to resolve a sliding puzzle box that will set free a ghost trapped inside when an image of two triangles is formed, but the box gets stolen by Sabato, and then gets taken by Renge.
363 "I Will Return" (お返しします "Okaeshishimasu")
Renge is once again in a pinch as she’s suspected by Kain to be together with Sabato and Rinne in the puzzle box theft. And what’s weird is that even though the two triangles got formed, the box won’t open.
364 "The Narrow Spiritual Path" (狭小霊道 "Kyoushou reidou")
While hunting a fox spirit, Shoma ends up in a stuck position in the living world, and his pride wouldn’t allow him to admit his situation mostly to Ichigo, who nevertheless convinces him to accept her help.
365 "On My Mind" (気になってました "Ki ni nattemashita")
Rinne received what appears to be a love letter from a girl he doesn’t seem to know. He goes to meet her, pretending to know her nevertheless, in hope of being paid five thousand yen she supposedly owes him, but Sakura and her friends are observing.
366 "The Rolling Dog" (転がる犬 "Korogaru inu")
Ageha asks Rinne’s help in stopping a dog spirit who has gone wild in her house, due to have been left sealed in her closet for too long.
367 "Ayame's Determination" (あやめの決意 "Ayame no ketsui")
Ayame’s living spirit has gone wilder than ever around Tsubasa, and tries to pay Rinne to do something for her.
368 "Cut the Chain" (鎖を切って "Kusari o kitte")
Rinne realizes Ayame’s rampaging spirit became so out of control it would even oppose and try to no longer be tied to her owner, who’s up for a pleasant surprise.

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