The Wandering Bride Ghost (さまよえる花嫁霊) is the spirit of the proprietor of a Wedding Hall.



His wedding hall was not popular enough to the point that not even one wedding ceremony was held during rainy seasons. As a legend saying that a bride would have a happy life if she has her wedding in a sunny day of June became popular, he decided to make some pamphlets. Since he did not have enough money to hire a model to play the bride, he decided to wear the bride’s dress, but he first had to buy photographic films, so he ran into a nearby camera store with his face covered by the veil, but got hit by a car on his way back. His spirit lingered, appearing every year in the rainy season, asking people for the location of the wedding hall that unbeknownst to him went bankrupt and became a coffee shop. As his face remained covered by the veil, he was thought to be a lady with a voice coming from the depths of hell.

Rinne took on the case, discovered his identity, and solved his unfinished business by taking a picture of him and a double of himself as the groom, and so allowed him to pass on.


  • He was voiced by a female actress.

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