The Wandering Power Stone (さまよえるパワーストーン) is a sacred spirit from a power stone, who doesn’t know his identity and tries to fulfill wishes.


He's a little imp with the appearance of an Harlequin.



He was the subject of mockery by other sacred spirits, and never knew what sort of stone he was so thought he could find out by discovering what kind of wish he could grant. He would follow whoever gets to own his power stone, until a wish is granted, causing trouble repeatedly as he grants wishes wrongly and in an amateur way. Sakura ends up owning his power stone, and Rinne could not help as he does not specialize in power stones, but Tsubasa finds out that the stone’s mineral was not typically made into jewelry but as rock salt. So its stone is used, dissolved in hot water to render it delicious, making the little imp glad to have made the 3 students and Rokumon happy.



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