The Washing Machine Ghost (洗濯機霊, Sentakuki Rei) is the spirit of a young man inhabiting a washing machine.



One rainy day, he was hurrying to some place with 30000 yen he earned from his part-time job, but after getting his clothes all dirty by getting splashed with mud, having paint fall on him and a cake drop on him by a lady, he dropped by his house to change clothes. However, while hurrying again, he realized he had left his 30000 yen in his pants, which he put to wash in the washing machine, and he got into a traffic accident on his way back home, which claimed his life. His spirit lingered, inhabiting his washing machine, which was recycled and brought to Sankai High, to the small building in which clubs’ uniforms are washed, after the previous machine broke. As he was ejecting any clothing that was put inside, Rinne was sought to solve his case. The ghost kept mumbling about "30000 yen," "Myu-Myu" and "Pajama", but Sakura managed to make him tell his story, in which the “30000 yen left in the washing machine” part horrified Rinne and Renge, but he was too ashamed to reveal what he was going to buy. So using a 4-D printer, Renge and Rinne force him to produce what he hoped to buy, which are revealed to be 3 body-pillows of an anime character named “Myu-Myu”, including a limited pajama-wearing version. The ghost gets happy but then worries they'll laugh at his hobby, but they express different reactions that are not mocking, and so he passes on.


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