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Wheel of Reincarnation
Rinne no Wa
Wheel of reincarnation 001
Type Spiritual Location
Location Kyoukai
Inhabitants Spirits that are to be reincarnated.
Debut Chapter 001

The Wheel of Reincarnation is the location which spirits enter to be reincarnated.


The Wheel of Reincarnation is a large red wheel with golden spokes and reinforcement sections.


Once every few years, a Cleaning Day is held, where young Shinigami and their black cats come together to scrub the massive wheel. The Shirushigamis are responsible for supervising the work


  • Two members of Rinne's family ended up entering the Wheel of Reincarnation: his grandfather and his mother. And his father also almost got sucked into it, when his grandmother angrily kicked him for causing the wheel to be scratched.


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