Yōko Kanō (叶 ヨウコ Kanō Yōko?) is a ghost, who was a student at Sankai High in love with Suzuki.


Yōko is a young woman with long black hair and wears a pink hoodie and loose pants and has green eyes when she became a ghost.


She is extremely sensitive.


3 or 2 years ago, as the class representative, she worked with Suzuki when he came to her class as a trainee teacher, and fell in love with him. She got the courage to give him her email address, but he lost it so no reply came. Upon learning he got a girlfriend when he came back a year later at Sankai High as a newly-appointed teacher, she became so outraged that she nailed a straw doll with a picture of him to a tree near a shrine. She regretted her move the day after and was bent on removing the straw doll, but she died of food poisoning. And her spirit lingered, as she was worried that Suzuki may find the straw doll and learn that she tried to curse him.

Rinne along with Sakura would help her by hearing what Suzuki thinks of her, and she gets to talk with Suzuki by wearing Rinne’s Haori and would pass on reassured.



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