Yata Crow (八咫烏, Yata Garasu) is a sacred three-legged bird living in a sacred wildlife sanctuary in Kyoukai.



Capturing and raising it is illegal, but Shoma caught it and convinced Rinne with promised payment to look after it for a whole night so he can show off to his classmates the next day, since he could not keep it at his home. However, Rinne and Rokumon did not expect the little bird to be so omnivorous, eating his cup ramen and the leftovers Shoma left, and Kurosu tried to steal it to bring it back to the sanctuary to earn 10000 yen which caused a fight between them, and it allowed the bird to flee and eat baked sweet potatoes that Sakura bought and sushi from a delivery man. Having eaten so much, the bird grows instantly and becomes an adult, meaning he is big enough to return to the sanctuary himself, but just as Rinne thought he had lost, the bird expects him to come along so he can be rewarded in gratitude for all the food provided, although the 10000 yen are used to reimburse all those who got their food eaten, which means he earns only 140 yen for his cup ramen.


  • The three-legged crow is a creature found in various mythologies and arts of East Asia. It is believed by East Asian cultures to inhabit and represent the sun.

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