Yoroshiku (夜露死苦) is a Damashigami.


He wears a pink rabbit disguise and a red shirt with the slang 夜露死苦.


When Sakura as a child went to visit her grandmother in the countryside, the Rabbit beckoned her to follow him, and led her into Kyoukai, but he was stopped by Tamako, who then led Sakura back to the living world.

Years later, he would once again try to get Sakura to the Wheel of Reincarnation through the All-Done Entrance, when she returned by following Rinne and got lost, but upon hearing Rinne calling her, her regret of not apologizing to him for accidentally tearing his Haori caused the platform she was standing at to break and send her falling, and Rinne saved her. So the Rabbit fought Rinne but is defeated and lends back to the Damashigami Company.


  • Explosive Balloons
  • Big Carrot


  • He is the first Damashigami seen in the story, and based on him in the anime, other Damashigamis wearing animal costumes would wear shirts with other slangs (愛羅武勇 Airabuyuu, 仏恥義理 Butchigiri, 我夢射裸 Gamushara), which are used to give a strong or fearful impression.


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