Yukina (ユキナ) is a young ghost that haunts the local ice skating rink.



Yukina was a good skater who trained Shizuka in the kid’s skating class. One day half a year later, he fell over her and accidentally kissed her. Yukina got angry and started ignoring him, while Shizuka embarrassed would look away whenever they make eye contact. But when she was about to move, she wanted to make peace with him, so she sent him a letter telling him to come for a special training. But he never came for he fell sick, and she died in an accident a short time later. Her spirit however would appear at the local ice skating rink, every year around that time, constantly waiting for Shizuka, and shoving anyone who gets in her way.

5 years later, after some difficulties, she skated with a Yorishiro balloon having the appearance of Shizuka's young self, provided by Rinne, and was able to pass on.



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