Yumi Kariya (仮家ユミ) is a student of Sankai High and classmate of Sakura and Rinne.



She and her family moved to a convenient apartment that has a surprising cheap half-year rent, when their old house had to be renovated. That low price is explained by spinning dishes floating in the air and getting broken that are the result of the ghost of a previous resident, spinning and balancing them on the end of long sticks. After Rinne speaks with the ghost, everyone gets to see the ghost so that he can perform for them, yet no one actually enjoys his performance. When Yumi’s father convinces the ghost to remove his glasses and bald cap, both Yumi and her mother are shocked to find that the ghost is actually a very handsome young man, and the ghost ultimately gets to pass on.


  • Her family name "仮家" means “Temporary House”.
  • She appears more often as a student of Class 1-4, along with MariImoto and Kana, in the anime.

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